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by Alan Nadel

A collection of
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A Gallery of
Unfinished Goodies



Experiments in
3D Photography
3D glasses not needed,
but if you got 'em, bring 'em!


Favorite websites and
assorted meat by-products



No animals were harmed in making any of the models in this portfolio.
There were, however, some fingers that were cut, slashed, sliced, diced,
ripped and shredded, and some noxious chemicals that were spilled,
absorbed and/or inhaled.

God, I love this hobby!

This website contains nothing that might be considered
inappropriate, objectionable or offensive.

There are three fundamental forces of nature in our Universe:
  • WD-40 which promotes motion
  • Duct Tape which inhibits motion
  • Bacon

If  you should find  any of the images on this  website  cool enough to save for wallpaper, your own website or any other use, knock yourself out. All I ask is that you be honest about where you acquired them. This is just a hobby so I'm not doing this for money.  Proper credit would be nice, though.

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This website was tested on animals.



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