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People, Creatures and Dinosaurs
Space Exploration


No animals were harmed in making any of the models in this portfolio.  There were, however, eyes that were strained, fingers that were cut, sliced, diced and glued to things to which they shouldn't have been glued, and some chemical solvents that were spilled, absorbed and/or inhaled.

God, I love this hobby!

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There are three fundamental forces of nature in our universe:

  • WD-40 which enables motion
  • Duct Tape which inhibits motion
  • Bacon

If  you should find  any of the images on this  website  cool enough to save for wallpaper, your own website or any other use, feel free to right-click away. All I ask is that you please be honest about where you acquired them. This is just a hobby so I'm not doing this for money.  Proper credit would be nice, though.

Doctor Noodle's Basement
Assorted model kits that never made it to the workbench,
available to modelers who might actually build them!

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“This era of American politics will end, one way or the other. And when it does, historians are likely to debate whether its defining characteristic was stupidity or malice. I’ve gone back and forth in my own mind, but I now realize that the two traits have almost fully merged. Malice is creating stupidity, and stupidity is creating malice.”

David French

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."
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This website was tested on animals.
They weren't impressed.


Alanoodle's Model Portfolio
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