A Collection of Articles, How-tos and How-Not-Tos

Some of these tutorials appeared on other Scale Modeling websites that no longer reside on the Internet.

On The Bench

A Gallery of 
Unfinished Goodies

George Harrison:
Restoring a Classic
Model Kit

Experiments in
3D Photography

3D Glasses not needed
but if you got 'em,
bring 'em

Building Lunar Models'
2001: A Space Odyssey

Kit Review:
King Kong
GEOmetric Design/
Max Factory Custom Craft

Re-working AMT-Ertl's
Star Trek
U.S.S. Enterprise

Kit Review:
RealSpace Models'
1/96 scale
Apollo CSM
(Command/Service Module Block II)

Building George Barris'
1966 Batmobile
A Project No Longer
On the Bat-bench

Building Hasegawa's
1/48 scale
F4U-4 Corsair

Out-of-Box Kit Preview:
Fantastic Plastic's
Space Station V

Favorite websites and
assorted meat by-products